Is he /she saying I love you without words?

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Your eyes are the windows of your heart. If you want to read any one’s mind read his/her eyes theycoupletalkingtoeachother never lie. Men ogle the object they desire but women nerve is striate she rarely talks what is going in her mind. In both the cases eyes are true but if you are illiterate in eyes language here are some ways mention that says I Love You without words. 

For male- if she is interested in you. She will do following things.

·         She is expecting compliment from you-if she is wearing a new dress and constantly trying to show you. She is speaking how her other friends compliment her for new dress, then she want a compliment from you and if she want compliment for her every dress that mean she want you notice her and she may going to say you I love you soon.

·         She is dressing for you- if she is wearing your favorite color very often. Not her but she iswow gal wearing your favorite dress and asking your suggestions for her wearing then this is the sign she may find you interesting and want you to take in her interest.

·         She is learning to prepare your favorite food- is she learning to cook your favorite food from website TV shows or any other places? Is she bringing food for you, which is cook by her then she is trying to win your heart by your stomach.

·         She is trying to attract you- when a girl is interested in any guy. She want that guy should appreciate her for her beauty. She may try to look beautiful by wearing short and sexy dress. In which she can show her beautiful body. She may wear different types of perfume, jewelers’ etc nothing for else than attract you then man listen to her heart it is tuning on I love you.

·         She is ready to share your sorrow- those who are soul mate always ready to share not onlysmiling_couple-copy-1.jpg body but also their sorrow as well as happy movement of life. If she is sharing her sorrow though she is facing problem in her life. Then there is a chance she may want you as her soul mate as well as her partner for life.

·         She is trying to make you smile when your stress- when you are stress is she trying to make you smile. Is she doing silly things just for your langue this is the sign which shows she wants your happiness. She cares about not only you but also your happiness. Very less people get partner who care about not for money but for happiness.

·         She feel relax after you share her grief- is she sharing her grief with you? And feel relax after her sharing then here is the sign she may want you share her grief for all over life as a partner. Women very well know that only to show tears them who know value of them. Today’s women never her sorrow comes out except her near one. So if she is sharing her grief mean you are near to her heart.


Females don’t think that every time guys should take first step in your dating life. It is also happen that he is checking your interested or not then he will ask you about that matter. Here are some signs which are telling that he is interested in you and soon going to propose you.


·         When he talking about his future plan-men’s are very easy and striate forward going. Whentalking c they don’t know how to ask they started sharing about them if any guy is telling his future plans and also talking about how he is doing in upcoming three years then surely he is interested in you and this way he is telling you that yes! I can give you secure future.

·         He is carrying what you gifted- is he carrying a gift which you have given? Whatever gift was keychain or any small thing. Is he wearing often that shirt or sweater which you gifted him then he is interested in you. By carrying your gift he is having feeling of you with him every time and everywhere.

·         Always on time- is he very punctual? Is here arrive restaurant before you then he is eager to meet you. Soon he is going to ask that special question which most of the girl dream. 

·          He does not mind to pick up you – he does not mind to pick you from anywhere airport railway station etc and any time he is ready to join you. Never ask for what why kind of a question then girls this kind of behavior shows that guy is very much interested in you and want your company.

·         He ask about your family –guy is asking about your family and showing his interest in your family then he want to know more about your family here is the chance he is thinking about you. Is he telling about his family and want you take interest in his family then he want to have family with you.

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