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Many of my Indian friends are complaining that “they are founding white women attractive but verboy n galy less female rather no white females are attracted to them”. Nishant college student studying aboard says “I want to date white female but frankly speaking no white females are ready to make friendship with me. I found my friends only my country people no other country female tries to make friendship with me. This make me upset.” 

This happens though we are living in a global village. We were attracted to some special groups and negated by some groups. This is not because of any personal fault or any mines points. This is human behavior there are many reason for this behavior. Let’s discuss them

Tendency to live in own race or social group – This is human behavior that they want to stay in their own kinds. Every race has their own traditions and customs and human want to follow them with their family. Same cultural or social background can be one factor of attraction. We do unknowingly behave like this without any personal intension. Anybody doesn’t need to take it personal.

Language barrier- language is the mean of communication and communication is the base of anycoupletalkingtoeachother relationship. What will happen if any mean of communication will not use properly? Answer is simple; it will lead to fall down relationship. Yes that is why many people are making friendship with that people only who shared common mother tongue. Accent also some time create problem. For soft accent user it is really hard to understand what hard accent user is trying to say? This language barrier builds a path to miscommunication and miscommunication is unable to form good relationship. If any opposite accent user are not interested to talk with you or making friendship with you that is not because of personal fault so don’t take it too seriously. It may be because of language problem.

Parental influence- racial issue is alive in every society. Family and society has very big role to play in our life. Many of our daily decisions are very much influenced by our parent or our racial biases which is deeply rooted in our society and choosing a partner is one of them. The bird of a feather flocks together.

Personal prejudices- some group have their personal prejudices for some group. We are creation ofkids.jpg our environment and our surroundings influences on us. Without knowing we act as our surrounding teaches us to do.

Family and religion- as discuss above family has to play big role in our life. We are created and teach by our family so knowingly or unknowingly we have very much influenced by our family. Religion is also one big part of our life. We follow religion and customs and traditions etc. when matters come to our partner we expect our partner should follow same tradition and customs. If partner is from other religion he/she really found that hard.

Above discussion shows that it is hard to get partner from outside our own religion, cast and country etc but that doesn’t mean multi cultural society is no more exist. Multi cultural society is gaining ground, process is slow but social acceptance is coming. If you are dating or want to get in relationship with other than our country men/women then you need to think on following things.     

Get to know your capacity- do you know yourself very well? Because entering in multi culture is not that much simple thing. You need to enough mature by emotions as well as by your thinking. After your relationship you may have to face lots off difficulties such as rejection from parents or some conflict of religion etc. are you ready to fight with such suction if arise? Find out what and how much is your capacity to fight for your love. Check yourself and then committee to your mate.

Have good understanding with mate- do you both are having good understandiLoveandwarmthng for each other? Understanding is very important in good relationship but in multi culture relation it need more than regular relationship. Do you both can fight with world for living together? Nothing is impossible in this world so you both can have normal life but you should be ready for bad condition also. Understanding between you will give you such power to face bad condition also.  Find out if both of you have good understanding or not?

Nice bonding between- if both of you are having very nice bonding with each other then no one can stop you from getting together. Love is power and weakness also. Make it power for you and let the world see that when love calls no language, no religion, no bounders will stop from getting together.

Best of luck! Love each other and spread love for world!



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Yes i completely agree with your post pal. A relation will fall down quickly when there's no communication between them. Communication can decrease the misunderstandings between them and results in a good bond. I am happy with all you valuable suggestions on multicultural date. would like to suggest it to my pal who help me in custom essay, he's in need of it.
Hi, thanks for your great information! Well, it really seems so great.